21 Baby Shower Pictures That Will Make You Want To Have More Kids

A baby shower is a celebration of life. I most countries, the baby shower is a way to celebrate the expected delivery of a new baby into the world by presenting gifts to the mother, as you can see from the baby shower pictures below. In some countries the shower is a little different and is meant to celebrate the transformation the mother is going thought to become a mother.

The name Baby Shower is meant to say that the mother to be is showered with gifts, similar to the bridal shower where the bride to be is celebrated before marriage. Traditionally, Baby showers are are done only for the first child, and only females are invited to take part. If you take the word of the authority of etiquette Miss Manners – because the party is all about the gifts, it is usually put together by a close friend and not a family member because it is rude to ask gifts from family.

At the event itself people usually bring gifts that are related to the new baby like diapers and other baby products. Check out the adorable baby shower pictures below and share with a mother to be:

1. All the baby shower pictures have a similar theme and it’s usually with gifts and food

baby shower pictures - frame picture

2. The happy mother to be, everyone wants to touch her belly

Everyone want to touch the belly

3. These mommy to be ribbons are always gifted to the mother

mommy to be ribbon

4. Adorable paragraph attached to a baby shower gift

adorable paragraph

5. Decorations of the party are always adorable

baby shower decorations

6. Frame to take adorable pictures with your own kids

frame for baby pics

7. This is a nice idea, getting all the guests to sign a baby photo and frame it

signed photo of baby

8. Perfect gift to bring to a shower

toddler clothes

9. Forget the funny book title, look at these cheeses

so much food

10. Tiny shoes for babies are the most adorable thing in the world

tiny shoes for babies

11. We have been waiting for you for a long time cutie pie

been waiting for you

12. Photo booth at a baby shower

photo booth shower

13. It is also common to play cool fun games while on the shower party

baby shower games

14. Sweet drinks to give your guests

sweet glasses

15. Little turtle on top of a cake

little turtle

16. Pooh the bear on a toy for kids

toy cubes

17. Put your gifts on the table.

gift table

18. So true! Babies are so tiny but they’re magical

tiny package, big miracle

19. This is where the mother to be sits and all of her friends sit next to her

mother to be seat

20. Roses, always roses

guns or roses

21. Oh baby, look at all the food

baby shower pictures

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