Is Angriness During Pregnancy a Real Thing? And How To Deal With It

The short answer is YES. Angriness during pregnancy is a real thing and who ever thinks it’s just a made up thing is being ridiculous! Pregnancy is the most major thing a woman will experience during her lifetime, and while most of the nine months is considered a happy time, anger and stress or agitation can easily creep up on you and ruin your day. Your hormones change, your biological process is all messed up, and a lot of other stuff is going on inside your body that messes everything up. Being angry during your pregnancy can affect your health, but it will also affect the relationship with your partner, family and even friends.

Luckily for you, We here at The Mommy Daily have some tips for you to help you with stress and anger issues during your pregnancy and try to make it a little bit better.

Hormonal shifts during pregnancy make women more susceptible to emotions such as anger. They trigger anger out of issues that have been bothering you for some time. Your bodily changes make such feeling intense.

Identify such triggers and make an effort to resolve them so that they do not precipitate into an unpleasant situation. Take a deep breath before you respond to any upsetting situation.

Main causes of Angriness during pregnancy

Angriness during pregnancy

So below we dive into the causes and tips on how to resolve them, let’s also try and understand why we feel more angry during our pregnancy and how our bodies actually changes.

The famous Hormonal Changes

During pregnancy your body’s hormonal state changes a lot. This makes women much more sensitive to emotions such as stress and anger. Every little thing can trigger a huge emotional reaction that suddenly feel like the worst thing in the world or super intense.

It’s best to identify these little triggers before hand and resolve them so that you won’t get caught up into a bad situation over a silly thing.


Women face major inequality and discrimination during their pregnancy says Sociology professor Barbara Katz Rothman. Working women feel it the most, it’s very common that employers will not be so generous about maternity leave and other benefits for pregnant women. Inequality can also be at home where the partner is not that keen on having a child as you are so he will become unsupportive and many not help and take their share of the load around the house etc.

These reasons can easily cause women anger as they need to struggle with the daily life work issues without so much help from others. As if carrying a child wasn’t hard enough right ladies?

Barbara describes in her book called ” What to expect when you’re expecting ” that most couples will fight during the pregnancy period about these issues and the best way to resolve them and handle the anger and stress that comes along is to actually fight against the inequality and discrimination at the workplace or at home. Just talk to your partner and the people around you and tell them what you expect of them during this precious and not so easy time.

Feeling discomfort

Feeling discomfort can easily cause angriness during pregnancy. These feeling happen every day while your pregnant and can be because of nausea,fatigue and muscle pain to name a few. Imagine feeling these things every day, you would get angry too believe me.

To ease your time during pregnancy and to make sure you won’t get too much angry during this time, you need to make sure to be proactive and create a comfortable environment for yourself. Get a good night’s sleep every day, eat plenty of healthy divare food to prevent nausea and even treat yourself to a spa or something you know relaxes you.

Anger is often used as a shield to overcome fear. Pregnancy comes with a range of concerns from fear of labor to birth defects, illnesses and parenting a child

Feeling fear

Pregnancy can be a terrifying thing. Sometimes anger can be a coping mechanism to handle this fear you have from stuff like labor, birth defects, illness and more.

All the above raises a good question you must be asking yourself right now:

Will anger affect my unborn child?

Babies experience not only the external stimulitions that happens around the mother, but also the mother’s emotions. So when the mom feels an intense emotions such as angriness during pregnancy it triggers the release of certain chemicals into the bloodstream. These chemicals will reach the unborn baby in seconds by traveling across the placenta and it can affect the baby.

If you get angry for long periods of time it can have serious effects on the unborn baby, some of them are premature birth ( before 37 weeks ), problematic birth or low weight babies. It is also known to be a leading cause for infant mortality.

More studies conducted show that the stress created in the womb can actually affect the baby’s disposition. What this means is that moms who had high stress levels during their pregnancy ( especially in the first trimester ) had more chance of showing signs of irritability and depression. Also note that severe anxiety while pregnant can double the chance of giving birth to a hyperactive child.

While you should take these things under consideration and you should always strive to provide a relaxed and loving environment for yourself and your fetus, you should know that the majority of pregnancies result with a healthy and happy babies. So don’t jump on the feat wagon just yet.

So how do i deal with anger during pregnancy?

Below there are a few simple tips or measures that you can use to keep your anger levels under control, some of these tips are recommended by the American Psychological Association ( APA )

Relaxation techniques

You can do some simple relaxation exercises like deep breathing to help you calm down. These exercised are also taught during childbirth courses.

  • Breath deep from your diaphragm, and not your chest, try and channel your breathing to come from the core of your body and not just your throat and chest.
  • Constantly remind yourself you keep calm, and relax while you breath
  • Slow yoga exercises that are not strenuous can help calm your muscles
  • It can help to meditate every morning for ten minutes. It can also help with your mental state

Try and change the way  you think

When you’re angry, you tend to just vent and lash out on the other person sometimes even saying things you don’t really mean. Take a step back, relax, breath and think about how the other person feels, now relax and tone down your voice. Don’t stress, think about the baby.

Improve your communication

Slow down, think for a second before you talk. When we’re in an angry state we jump to conclusions, most of the time they don’t make sense and they can affect your relationship, this is not a good situation to be while pregnant.

Change habits to deal with angriness during pregnancy

It’s good practice to try and analyze the situation that made you angry so you can find ways to deal with it. If it’s something you can’t change you can always try and change how you react to that situation or person.

Don’t worry too much

One of the most known causes of anger in pregnancy is worrying. The more you worry, the more stressed out you get and it will create a big impact on your emotional response to other people around you. So less worrying, more relaxing please. Try and remember that most things in life pale in comparison to the joy of having a healthy baby girl or boy.


Don’t worry if you find yourself daydreaming while pregnant, on the contrary, it’s a good exercise to visualize how you will be as a mother and how you interact with your child once he comes to the world.

Try and imagine all those amazing moments you will have as a mother with your new baby and all the bonding you and your partner will have being new parents. Visualising your future plants the seeds to health and happiness in your subconscious and could lead to you being a happier person.

Talk on support groups

Anger management is what you need if you find you can’t control your anger. Don’t be disappointed if you find you’re losing control, instead try and join some support groups or forums to try and talk it out with like minded mothers who know what you’re going through.

Planning your days can help

Planning your day have many advantages and will improve your daily routine, it will also tune your mind as the day progress, it’s a good exercise to say to yourself some positive statements like ” I will be happy all day long today ” or ” I will not let mood swings bring me down ” Try and keep busy and stay on the course of your plan.

Make healthy life choices

Try and keep a healthy diet during your pregnancy, more proteins and more green food like veggies, nuts and fortified whole grain bread. Keep fresh fruits and salads with you for those in between meals times. It’s important to sleep a lot during pregnancy and to stay away from smoke and alcohol.

Try and keep an exercise schedule as working out helps with dealing with anger, while you workout your brain releases endorphins that will lift your spirit up and keep you motivated. Staying on a fitness routine will also help you with constipation, backache and breathlessness.

If all the above tips didn’t help you with your angriness during pregnancy, and you find it’s hard to manage. You should consider talking to a therapist.