Dinosaur Night Light. Ultimate Mommy Review


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As a mom of two girls, I buy a lot of night lights, and when I saw the Dinosaur night light for kids, I knew I had to get it and write about it for other moms to know if it’s worth the hype or not.

This is an honest review, from a real mom, after using the dino lamp for several weeks and providing my opinions.

Kids Dinosaur Light

Let’s review all the information I can think of based on categories like size, functionality and my personal tips and advice.

Perfect usage for this lamp

The two best things I use this dino lamp is for light reading, and nursery.

Light reading usage

The soft light this lamp gives out is perfect for light reading before bed. It is not strong so much that it hurts your eyes, but it is bright enough to place next to you and your book to read. Also, no need to hold it like a flashlight as you can safely place it next to you and it will stand.

Nursery usage

Another great usage is using this as a light led lamp for nursery, when you need to get up in the middle of the night and care for your baby, you don’t want to turn on the ceiling light or a bright light, so this lamp is perfect in the size and brightness level to care for your child while still having a sleepy atmosphere.


The Dinosaur night light comes in two colors for the lamp itself, either pink or green, but don’t worry, this is just the outer material, the lamp inside changes color when you bump it, more on that later.

If you like mainstream opinions, the green might go to the boys and the pink to the girls, but that’s boring and outdated in my opinion, so just get which one your child likes more.

If you get the green one, the scales of the dino are in a darker green color to add more design, and it also has dark pink circles below each eye to add some facial expressions, looks really nice in my opinion.

If you order the pink one, so the scales will be darker pink/purple and the circles under the eyes the same color.

The shape itself is like a dinosaur sitting down on his butt and his hands to the side of the body, very cute to be honest.

The eyes are just little black dots, but that’s enough to make this a really cute design


The body of the lamp itself is made from soft silicone and BPA free. The perfect soft material for kids and babies to squish and mesh without worrying it will break or anything like that.

The LED light

The light inside the dino lamp is a LED bulb that gives out a soft light that is not too bright to hurt the eyes but still bright enough to be able to read next to it.

The battery

The lamp comes with a portable USB rechargeable built in 1,200mA lithium battery that can keep the light on for around 8 hours, which is enough for a full night. You can use the micro USB port and charger included to charge it.

Tap control

It’s so easy and fun to control the changing lights of this dino lamp. Simply tap on the body or head of the lamp to change the color, you can switch between:

  • Red
  • White
  • Green
  • Blue

Here are all the technical details if you want to geek it out:

Product Dimensions4.72″D x 4.72″W x 7″H
Special Features Color changing with tap.
MaterialSoft Silicone
Light typeLED
Power sourceBattery
Connectivity USB
Wattage1 watts
Item weight10 ounces
Assembly required No

Frequently asked questions

Is the light soft enough to sleep with

YES. Both my daughters have no problem sleeping with the light on in any color. They usually play with it in bed until they just fall asleep and at some point I go into their rooms and turn it off.

Are the tail spikes chewable and dangerous

If your baby is in the stage that he or she chews everything hard, maybe put this lamp away of the grab of the baby for a while, but other than that, the material is soft silicone.