31 Funny Bathroom Notes That Can’t be Ignored

Anyone who ever walked into a bathroom noticed that bathroom signs on the walls. Sometimes these funny bathroom notes are glued on, sometimes they are written right on the wall, whatever the case may be, they are usually very funny.

Check out below a gallery of 31 hilarious bathroom signs and make sure you remember which one you loved the most to share with your friends.

1. This is very descriptive and nice. The first of many funny bathroom notes

Funny Bathroom Notes

2. Patriotic note no one can resist

3. Yes. A great note for both sexes

4. Everyone is degraded to the same level while sitting on the toilet

Funny Bathroom Notes

5. Nice, someone is witty here

6. OMG Gross!

7. The ultimate prank. Leaving you with an almost empty paper

8. So stop throwing dirty toilet paper in there!

9. Honestly, women’s toilets are much worse than guys

10. I didn’t understand a word of this note, but the hand writing is beautiful

Funny Bathroom Notes

11. Perfect funny toilet note

12. Small office buddy. We know who you are

13. Someone did a number on the famous greatest fear quote

Funny Bathroom Notes

14. Taking toilet paper out if not using it is not cool

15. Funny bathroom signs continues with this gem

16. LOL. It’s true though

Funny Bathroom Notes

17. Fair warning. This funny bathroom note was written in blood

18. Why would people throw hot dogs in there in the first place

19. For the love of god. Give him some paper!

Funny Bathroom Notes

20. Trying to get people to understand the toilet is really out of order

21. Earthquake detection kit

22. Were you raise by wolves?!

23. Why would someone want to drink that?

Funny Bathroom Notes

24. Second flush all the way

25. Hide your potato, and also wash your hands

26. Just assume you lock bad

Funny Bathroom Notes

27. Makes sense

28. This bathroom sign makes sense to me

29. Keep flushing

30. Funny bathroom notes or educational art?

Funny Bathroom Notes

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