Why is My Child so Loud. Your Noisy Kids Guide With Solutions

Why is my child so loud? If you are pondering over this question for a long while, this article is for you.

There is nothing wrong with your child because he is a child, and they do such things quite often.

If you want to know the cause and rectify it, then read this article till the end.

Kids are innocent and playful, but sometimes, they forget how they are behaving out of sheer excitement and fun.

While you have become matured and are always keeping your best version forward, kids are still on the path of learning.

Many parents complain about the same, and everyone is looking for a potential solution to why kids are so loud.

What makes them scream at the top of their lungs? This question has made many parents wonder what is wrong with their kids.

While they are kids unknown of their rude behavior, you should know the root cause as a responsible parent and next time you find yourself asking why is my child so loud, remember this article.


– Kids are loud by nature and it’s mostly normal behaviour
– Most of the time, kids will be loud and scream when they are excited or having fun
– There are a few health issues that also explain kids being loud you should be aware of.

Why is my child so loud?

Why is My Child so Loud
Why is my child so loud guide

Small children, out of curiosity and excitement, play, scream or ask endless questions.

Everyone loves being around them, but there is a bar that can make you lose your patience when crossed.

Screaming and playing around are some of the general characteristics of small children, and for them, these things are normal.

However, you might not feel the same, and their childish activities might be hard on you.

There are many reasons why your child is so loud, and the section below will provide you a few answers to this question, bothering you.

If you are interested in knowing what makes your child always speak on a high volume, check out the points listed below.

Fun and excitement

Your child may not have seen something before or played with other children of his age.

When he does, his excitement is on the ninth cloud, and he cannot contain his emotions inside him. At this time, he might scream, shout, and be on his highest pitch.

By making loud noises, children convey their happiness and how much they are enjoying doing that specific activity.

Have you ever seen how excited children get when you get them what they want? They scream with happiness and let everyone know how happy they are.

The fun and excitement are some of the reasons why your child is so loud. If you find your children being very loud while playing with others, don’t restrict them.

Instead, let them enjoy their recreational time and bear with them for a while.

Communication gap and lack of speaking skills

Do your children cry on top of their lungs when you don’t give them something? Restricting your children from doing something is another reason why they are so loud.

There are times when they can be annoyed, irritated, and jealous of something, and these factors lead them to cry loudly. 

You might also have seen small babies crying when they feel hungry or uncomfortable.

They scream when unhappy or feeling discomfort because of communication gaps and lack of speaking skills.

Since your children are still in the developing stage, they don’t have enough words to describe their emotions.

They only know the medium of sounds to convey what they are feeling from the day they are born, and it is not their fault.

When they grow up and can converse with you to make you understand what they are feeling, they won’t shout anymore.

Hearing disability

Many times, your kid might be suffering from hearing disabilities, which might go unnoticed by you.

Why is My Child so Loud

Why would they become loud? Due to their inefficiency in hearing properly, they may speak louder than the usual voice, and you may find it rude.

Hearing disabilities is quite prevalent amongst children, and it should be detected as early as possible.

If undetected, it might aggravate, and your kid might lose his hearing abilities forever. Therefore, it is another reason why your child may speak on high decibels.

Lack of attention

How can lack of attention be the reason behind your child being loud? It is quite possible that your child might scream to seek attention from you.

When you are indulged in some activity, your child may ask you for something.

If you don’t pay attention to his words, he may start shouting and screaming so that your attention gets directed towards him.

Many studies have shown that children love being loved and pampered, and their needs catered to instantly.

If you don’t pay proper attention to them and stay busy with other work, they will likely become loud so that you listen to their requests.

It is why they keep shouting and screaming when you are talking with someone else or doing some work at home.

What to do if my child becomes too loud?

When there are kids, there is noise and a lot of it! Then, how to make them quiet when they are screaming with a high pitch?

The answer to this question is being searched by many parents who have kids in their home. 

We are here to help you and let you know the tips and tricks that will help you calm down your children and make them quiet without scolding or getting rough with them. Are you interested? If you are, then follow us till the end.

Engage your child

Your child will scream and make noise if he is idle and has nothing to do. To seek attention from you, he will turn the entire world upside down.

Hence, what to do in such a case? The best way out is to engage your child in some activity and give him some relaxation time.

The go-to solution for engaging your child is to read him a book. You can grab any storybook and start reading to keep him engrossed.

This way, he won’t create any noise, and you will also be devoting your full attention to him. 

Another significant aspect of it is that your child will fall asleep, and you will have a noise-free environment for a while.

You can also buy your kid playing mud and colors to keep him engaged with creative activities and helping them explore his creative side.

Etiquette practices

You should train your child from the beginning about the meanings of certain words and phrases so that they are aware of them and act accordingly.

You should build up the practice of leaving people alone for sometime when they say “give me a minute” or “I want to be alone for some time.”

You should tell your children that they should not shout or talk loudly when they hear such sentences. Instead, they should slow down their voices and stay quiet for some time. 

This way, you can inculcate good etiquette in your children. When they are creating a commotion, you can say these words to indicate to them that you don’t want them to be so loud and they should lower down their voices.

Let them play outside.

If you are annoyed with your kids making a lot of commotion and noise in the house, you can send them outside in the backyard to play.

They can be all by themselves and play with others and make noises that won’t disturb you.

Kids become too loud when they play because of the fun and excitement. If they are let out in the open space, both of you can continue with your activities without disturbing each other.

Play prayers and praise music.

When your children are at the top of their voices, and you have lost all your patience, you have only one thing to do. You can turn on the speakers and play any prayer or praise music. 

While any music won’t help to lower down their voices, prayers and praise music will definitely do it for you.

These music genres are mind diverting, and anyone who hears it will focus on it no matter what the situation is.

To calm down your kids and make them quiet for some time, you can play such music and tell them to concentrate on it.

This trick helps in many ways, and many parents have tried it too. It will eventually lower your kids’ volume, and they will sit at a place to concentrate.

Besides keeping quiet, this music will also increase their focus and concentration, and their skills will be developed more.

How to bring my child’s voice to a normal level?

The section above provided you with the tips and tricks on what to do immediately if your child is loud.

What if your child is still on the same decibel? It is a red sign, and you should try to find out the root cause.

In this section, you will know how to bring your child’s voice to an average level.

If you follow these tricks, your child won’t again become loud, and you won’t have a hard time bearing it.

Hence, let’s see the formula of getting your child on the decent track without being rough.

Get a hearing check-up.

As we mentioned earlier, hearing disability may be one of the causes of why your child is so loud.

The first step to find the reason is getting a hearing check-up done. This way, you will get to know about any possible hearing ailments or ear infections.

If done regularly, hearing check-ups can help you detect any disability and treat it at its early stage.

If your child has any hearing ailment due to which he is always loud, get him treated so that he doesn’t have to speak at a high pitch.

As soon as the ailment is cured with necessary treatment, you will find that your child’s voice has considerably reduced to a normal level.

Inculcate good habits

Inculcating good habits and patience is necessary for developing children. Since they don’t know the difference between good and bad and cannot gauge their behavior, they tend to make childish mistakes.

Being loud is one such innocent mistake that they unknowingly make.

You should make them practice good habits and inculcate patience in them from the beginning.

The best thing you can do is teach them how they should behave and talk to others.

You should also teach them the benefits of listening carefully and make them practice it.

If you teach them to be good listeners, they will tend to speak less and listen more. It will help in their overall personality development and bring their high pitch to a normal level.

Don’t give unnecessary attention.

Sometimes children want attention at any cost, be it your positive attention or a negative one.

This sentence means that even though they crave spending quality time with you, which is the positive attention, if you become rough and scold them, which is the negative attention, they will continue screaming. 

Hence, to lower their voice and indirectly tell them to stop screaming and that you won’t listen to them until they don’t talk in a normal voice, you should walk away and ignore them.

If you ignore them, it will convey a direct message to them that you don’t like how they are behaving.

Thus, by not paying unnecessary attention, you can bring down your children’s loud voice to an average decibel and teach them how to talk to others and behave.

Effects of loud noise on Child’s overall development

When your children shout or scream, sound vibrations of higher decibels enter their ears.

This loud noise can have a drastic effect on their overall development.

Since they have sensitive ears when they are small, sound with slightly higher frequency can damage a lot.

While the noise is annoying to you, it is more dangerous for your child as his psychological and physical health may be affected along with his behavior and learning.

Do you want to know what effects can loud noise have on your child? Then read the section below. 

Speech disabilities and slow learning

If your child is exposed to loud noise for an extended period, his speech will get affected, and so will his learning abilities.

He will face difficulty while reading, listening, and speaking. Since loud noise drastically affects the brain cells, your child will grasp things slowly, and his learning skills will deteriorate.

Besides, he won’t be able to concentrate on a particular thing, and his focus will be disturbed.

Noise pollution has a significant role in affecting your child’s overall development, and by shouting or screaming, he exposes himself to noise pollution.

Hearing Impairment

Hearing impairment, as discussed earlier, is one of the leading causes of why children become loud.

If exposed to loud noise, your child can experience hearing impairment even if he never had it.

Cardiovascular Problems

When your child speaks louder due to irritation or frustration, it can increase blood pressure and lead to hypertension.

The children who often scream and speak loudly due to distress are more prone to cardiovascular problems.

Sleep disruption

Loud noise also affects the sleep pattern of the children. Hence, it is always advised to keep your children calm and prevent them from making loud noises to live a healthy lifestyle.

Some final words

Children are unaware of what they are doing. They are still in the developing stage, and as a responsible parent, it is your responsibility to mold them in a better way and inculcate good habits in them.

Whenever your child shouts or doesn’t listen, you should not become rough with him.

Instead, you should handle the situation calmly and divert his attention to some other activity.

This way, you can help him develop and stay away from unnecessary loud sounds.

If you abide by the tips and tricks listed above and know the cause why your child is loud, you can create a better atmosphere at home and calm down your child effortlessly.

Since loud noise has many harmful effects on a child’s health, you should try hard to keep him away from the noise.

Children will be children, and they will remain playful and excited about everything. You need to be patient with them, and this hard time shall pass too.