Pregnancy Week By Week: What To Expect When You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy, week by week - pregnant woman next to a calendarLearn what to expect during pregnancy, week by week

When the little white stick shows two pink lines the time full of excitement starts! You want to know when you will have your first ultrasound or when to feel your baby’s first kick? Learn about what to expect with your baby and every week of your pregnancy. What brings every new milestone of development? Your body is keeping pace to the baby by day changes. Find out why and what goes on with pregnancy, week by week, calendar.

The first trimester (1st-13th week of pregnancy)

Weeks 1-2 of Pregnancy

The baby hasn’t yet to be conceived. Pregnancy begins as the body prepares for fertilization and gears up for ovulation.

3rd Week

Fertilization occurs as the sperm meets the egg and a baby to take shape as a tiny cell group. The baby is smaller than a poppy seed.

4th Week

It is an implantation time. At this stage, the blastocyst burrows into the linings of the uterine splitting to form an embryo and placenta as distinct parts of the little one’s body start to develop. The size of the baby is that of a poppy seed.

5th Week

In the fifth week, the baby is the size of an orange seed. The circulatory system and the heart are growing while the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (CHG) hormones levels in the body are now enough to confirm your pregnancy using a home pregnancy testing kit.

6th Week

The baby is sweet pea size. You race to the toilet to pee and you may feel other early pregnancy simptoms. It is good to think about the baby because in the sixth week the little face is taking shape.

7th Week

The baby is blueberry in size. At this stage, the only thing budding faster than the baby’s brain is the mother’s achy breasts.

8th Week

The embryo begins moving in the womb. Symptoms like morning sickness-that don’t necessarily wallop in the morning begin moving you the bathroom. The baby is the size of a raspberry.

Pregnancy, week by week - couple holding the image of ultrasound exam
The first ultrasound exam is usually done between 9th and 11th week of pregnancy

9th Week

The child is busy building muscles and all you want is to take a long day nap. The little one is the size of an olive. You’ll probably see an image of your baby on ultrasound exam this week, or in few to come.

10th Week

The kid is the magnitude of a prune. This week on the baby’s to do list: build cartilages and bones. The mother’s agenda should be to increase the consumption of fiber to cope with constipation.

11th Week

As the mother start feeling human the little alien in the tummy start looking like a human by now. The infant is the mass of a lime.

12th Week

The feeling that you have doubled in size is a fallacy it the baby that has increased tremendously over the past few weeks. The little is the size of a small plum.

13th Week

You are unlikely to feel peachy about sex life as the first trimester come to an end. The youngster is the dimensions of a peach.

The Second Trimester (14th-27th week of pregnancy)

14th Week of Pregnancy

At the commencement of the second trimester, it’s much about the hair. It starts to sprout on the body, eyebrows, and head. The little alien is the size of your fist. As for the mother, the first trimester starts easing up.

15th Week

The infant is the size of an orange. The mother might not feel it, but the baby is flexing elbows and kicking those little legs. You will be coping with dental weirdness.

16th Week

This is the eye opener stage, while you are adding on some pounds, the baby’s eyelashes and eyesight are developing rapidly. The kid is the size of an avocado.

17th Week

The little one is keen on swallowing and sucking as he prepares for the real deal: a bottle or breast. The mother is warding off unwanted tummy touching. The baby is the size of your hand’s palm.

18th Week

The mom starts feeling the little one moving around which is an excellent therapy to take off your mind the bothersome back. The infant is the size of a sweet potato.

pregnancy, week by week - woman holding hands on her rounded belly
In 18th week, a woman will start feeling baby’s movements and in following weeks she’ll notice change when she looks at her belly

19th Week

As you hope for something to protect your legs from painful leg cramps, the baby’s has formed a protective coating. The little one is the size of a large mango.

20th Week

Girl or boy? You can tell the sex of the child through routine ultrasound. The baby is the size of a big mango.

21st Week

Here the stretch marks are yours alone, but the baby is grazing on whatever you’re right now. The toddler is the scale of a huge carrot.

22nd Week

It is only the mommy’s foot that is growing so rapid than the baby’s sense. The little one is the size of a small doll.

23rd Week

The infant is the size of a papaya. The mother’s linea nigra is so profound, and the baby is getting plumper. The mother might notice a difference when she looks at her belly.

24th Week

Mom’s belly button is popping out as the baby’s facial features are filling out. The little one is the size of the corn ear.

25th Week

The pesky hemorrhoids make you swear under yours as the baby prepares to take the first breath. The baby is cauliflower’s size.

26th Week

Excitement sets in the baby open her eyes. Contrary, you may wish you stay close to get some sleep. The infant is the size of a chuck roast.

27th Week

The baby hits a new growth milestone, while the mother’s swollen angels and feet may need its growth chart too. The youngster is the size of an eggplant.

The Third Trimester (28th-42nd week of pregnancy)

28th Week of Pregnancy

Are you dreaming about the baby? The baby is dreaming as well as hiccupping, coughing and blinking. The little one is the size of a cucumber.

29th Week

The baby is adding on pounds which look cute on him. The same is experienced with the mom’s varicose veins. The baby is size of an extra large bottle of water.

30th Week

The child’s brain is getting smarter by the hour, for the mother the smartening thing is the pain of the heartburn. The child’s size is that of a cabbage.

31st Week

Mommy’s breathing room reduces as the baby’s senses amplify. The infant is the size of butternut squash.

32nd Week

The baby size is as a half gallon of milk. The baby is practicing survival skills such as breathing and sucking while the mom’s uterus is experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions.

33rd Week

The sleepless mom uses a boost of energy as the infant’s immune system gets help. The baby is the mass of a head of lettuce.

34th Week

The mother’s vision becomes less sharp as the baby boy’s testicles descend this week. The kid’s size is that of honeydew.

35th Week

The rapid brain development of the kid adds weight to her head resulting in more pressure on the mother’s blander.

36th Week

The baby bones are ready to roll and rock, but the mom might be aching. The child has a magnitude of a canary melon.

37th Week

The baby is the size of the large cantaloupe. The midwife might check for labor symptoms as the baby get ready for birth by breathing, sucking and turning in the womb.

38th Week

The mother is producing colostrums-precursor to breast milk while the baby is producing surfactant to help her take the first breath. The toddler’s size is that of winter melon.

39th Week

The baby’s brain development is on high gear, while the mother begins to feel definite signs of labor. The baby’s size is that of a small pumpkin.

Pregnancy, week by week - baby sitting in a tub surrounded with watermelons
In the 40th week, the baby is the size of a watermelon and it’s ready to be born. Prepare to welcome the little one!

40th Week

Though the baby might not have gotten the memo, this the official end of your pregnancy. The baby is the size of a watermelon.

41st Week

You are apt to experiencing real labor anytime this week, but it is usual to feel overdone and the baby to be overdue. The child’s size is that of a jackfruit.

42nd Week

Each baby has her schedule when it comes to delivery. Less than 5% are born on their due date.