16 Pictures That Show Why Are Kids So Annoying

So why are kids so annoying? This is the question we all want to know right? Otherwise why did we come here. Well, there are many reasons to why kids do the most annoying things ever and we will tell you below in a minute. But before you read further, just know that raising kids is the most wonderful and horrible experience you will ever have in your life. Read through the list and tell us what you think in the comments.

1: So why are kids so annoying? They’re always there

why are kids so annoying

Kids are literaly always next to you, especially in early years, you can’t get away from them. When they are just toddlers you must keep them in sight at all times because obviously they’re just so tiny anything can happen and you have to keep an eye to make sure they’re safe. But when they grow a little bit older and start to move and run it’s even more important to keep them near you because they can easily do something dangerous when you’re not looking. Your kids are always there and this is the first reason why kids are so annoying. Because you miss spending some time alone right?

2: They never stop asking questions

It’s like a machine not a human being. They ask why dad is so tall, and you explain that he was once a little child like you and they ask why? So you explain that every little kid will eventually grow up, even them, so they ask why? So you try and think of a good reason without losing your shit and they ask why are you mad? And there it is, your shit is now lost. Kids ask so many questions sometimes it seems like they just want to annoy you so much your head will explode. Kids will be kids.

3: They’re always sticky

Kids are always sticky, always! Even if they just got out of the bathroom and you gave them a nice shower, they are still sticky, how?! WHY?! When i think about it, there isn’t a time when little kids are not sticky. Just deal with it and move on.

4: Kids are annoying because they never listen

Let’s get it out of the way right now, kids never listen even when they do listen. They don’t listen when you tell them to pick up their toys after they play. They don’t listen when you call them down for dinner. They never listen when you scream don’t touch that thats dangerous! They never listen, period. Listening is like a ghost when it comes to kids. It doesn’t exist.

5: Kids are loud. Very loud.

Here are just some of the noises kids make: They scream, screech, shriek, wail and shout pretty much all day long. And forget about asking what’s wrong, there is no reason for the screaming, so don’t even ask. Just try and tell your kids to stop screaming, See rule number #4 for the answer.

6: Kids are always whining

Everything kids say sounds like whining. Even when they don’t whine, it’s like something in their soft voice turns every word into a whine. They whine when they ask for something, they whine when they answer your questions, even when they try to say something nice it sounds like a whine. When will the whining stop? Maybe when they’re 18 years old, if you’re lucky my friend. Stay strong.

7: Snot, snot is everywhere

It’s a mystery if they can actually feel the snot running down their nose and making it’s way down to their mouth in the most disgusting way possible, maybe they secretly love the feeling of the gooey snot on their skin i don’t know, fact is that snot is everywhere and you can’t get away from it. Better just accept it that snot is going to be your new best friend and you just need to make peace with it. Sorry this is the reality and although this is not exactly a why are kids so annoying moment, but it still counts.

8: They’re filthy

Kids are filthy animals, it’s true just ask any parent. Grass, food, body fluids or dirt, sometimes all of the above combined. Stop trying to figure out how they manage to get so dirty, they just do. Accept it. When there is so much filth, it’s pretty much a given it will get all over you too and your home. If you’re the kind of mommy that must have a clean house and hates messy floors, you need to get a reality check, because kids and filth go hand in hand and no Magic Eraser or cleaning spray will take that shit out.

9: Inconsistency is like a second name to them

They hate veggies, they like veggies, they love riding their bike, NOPE, now they hate it. It’s the worst thing ever! This morning they want to wear the green pyjamas and tomorrow it will be only yellow or they die.Kids change their minds so much it’s impossible to know what they like so don’t stress it. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!!? Is something you hear a lot of parents saying to their kids. What ever you think you know, you’re wrong. Move on.

10: Drunk college students and kids have a lot in common

They walk around like they’re gonna fall any second and puke, they drool all the time. They knock everything down and spill shit like crazy, they will get naked in the middle of the room for no apparent reason and fall asleep in the bathtub without remembering what went down last night. They are like that creepy old guy who is obsessed with his private parts and love to tell your most dirtiest secrets just at the wrong time. They will keep you up all night wanting that hard bottle and just when you think they’re sleepy they are ready for another round. Case in point. Kids are annoying.

11: Picky Eating

You get excited when your toddler is eating the same thing for a few days straight or is loving your food today, you go ” Hey, i got this parenting thing down!” But don’t get too excited friend, your kids can easily just throw your food on the floor and scream I HATE THIS! because this is your life now and your kids are the boss. They suddenly have different taste and every day is an adventure with young children, so before you go and ask why are kids so annoying, maybe you should ask. Why did i have them at all? ( OHH Harsh! )

12: Avoiding Chores

Honestly, this is not only kids, even adults don’t like to do chores, the difference between kids and us adults is the fact that we know that when we need to get things done, we get it done. Kids will make up crazy shit just not to do their chores. ” The dog ate my legs, the chores are done by magic, what chores? ” They will say and do anything and go out of their way just not to do the chore. So don’t try and ask them to do anything complicated, keep it simple.

13: They say whatever they want all the time

Kids have no boundaries when it comes to their tongue, they just say what ever they want, when they want it. And most of the time what they say is exactly what you don’t want them to say. You don’t even know how they heard what they heard, but kids hear a lot of things, so you need to watch out what you say around them.

14: They never feel tired

Kids are most annoying when they’re tired. The problem is that they never know if they’re tired or not. The easiest way to know if your kid is tired or not is by the way he acts. If he gets angry and seems to be out of it, and generally be more annoying than usual, he or she is tired and needs a nap. Sometimes when they feel tired they get really crazy and start destroying shit you love and doing the opposite of what you say on purpose, Being a parent is a wonderful thing right?

15: They love saying NO! to pretty much everything

Every parent know this stage, the NO NO stage, oh such a horrible time, your kid simply doesn’t want to agree with you no matter what you say, ” Hey kid? Wanna a cookie and $100? ” NO!!!! i don’t want free money and cookies leave me alone!!! This is a real thing guys, they get so caught up on saying no that it doesn’t really matter what you offer, they will say no to it.

16: They are pretty possessive

why are kids so annoying

Kids are possessive, when you think about the question why are kids so annoying? This is possibly the worst thing. They get possessive about everything, their toys, you, your food, your car, everything, even weird stuff like random rocks on the road and even trash or garbage. They love it and they want to marry it and they don’t care what you think or say. It is what it is.

Sounds like a lot of fun right? But let me tell you a little secret, despite all the annoying things kids do, and they do a lot of things that will drive you mad, parents would not change a single thing about them and when it’s all said and done, they love them to death with everything they do or say. There’s nothing like a mother’s love.