How to Say Mom in Spanish. Saying Mother in Spanish

how to say mom in spanish

How to say mom in Spanish. That’s the question of the day, and we got the answer right here. While some of our readers know the Spanish language, we are certain that some are not, and would love to know.

Mother – Madre // Mom – Mamá // Mommy – Mami or Mamita

These are all the options you have to say mom in Spanish.

Mom is most likely the first word every child will say, and with so many languages in the world, there are many different ways to say mom. So how does it goes in Spanish? Well, beside the ways we wrote above, here are another few ways to say mom in the exotic language:

  1. Madre – This is the straight translation of the word Mother.
  2. Mama – This is the straight translation of the word Mom
  3. Mami – Popular with babies and young kids.

How do you pronounce Madre

To properly pronounce Madre, you simply need to say the letter Ma and Dre. To make it easier to remember just think of the first two letters of the word Mama and the famous Rapper/producer Dr Dre.

Put these two together and you have Madre

Ma-Dre = Madre

How do you pronounce Mama

Well, that’s an easy one, the very first words almost every baby says when he starts talking is usually, mama, so it’s basically just these two letters reaping each other. Ma Ma. Easy right?

Ma-Ma = Mama

How do you pronounce Mami

This is a combination of Mama and Mami. So you want to start of by saying the first two letters of the word Mama, but switch it up with the last two letters and say Mi.

So it’s like this: Ma-Mi

Ma-Mi = Mami

We hope you learned all the popular ways to say mom in Spanish and that this article helped you.