52 Father Son Tattoos That Will Make You Miss Your Dad

The father son tattoos list is finally here! It’s a known fact that there is nothing stronger than the bond of a mother and her son. And we already featured a cool article about some cool mother son tattoos that show this bond.

This time we want to talk about the father and son bond, this bond takes more time to build but when it happens it’s as strong as it gets. Below you will find some of the best father son tattoo images we could come up with to show you this special bond that a dad has with his son or daughter.

Now before you go and say that it’s not even close to how a mom feels about her kids, let me stop you right there. This is not a competition, a father loves his kids very differently than how a mom loves them. That’s why parent’s love are so special, each gives his own unique look at their kids and help them in their own way. If you are a parent, you know this is true.

Why did we create this father son tattoo ideas list?

This article was born with the idea of celebrating dads everywhere. We always celebrate moms, I want to give a little space to the fathers out there who needs some love too.

One of the most popular ways a dad can show his love to his kids is with tattoos, and a lot of families love to get father and son tattoo designs that either match or just speak in the same language, it doesn’t really matter what the ink is, the important thing is what it means to both the father and the son. Browse this gallery and please share it with your dad or son!

Father and son tattoo design #1 Your date of birth is important

father son tattoos

2. Heart on the chest with your kid’s tiny feet

3. Tattooing your son’s face on the shoulder is another popular ink style

4. Fathers love to tattoo their son’s doodling

5. ” I will always protect you “

6. I love this father son tattoo

7. Just sitting and fishing together with my son

8. Short video showing more cool father son matching tattoos:

9. Walking my son

10. My son has his own font, I tattoo it on my arm

11. Daddy’s little boy

12. Teaching your son the little things in life

13. Sunset with my son

14. Fist bump?

15. This is a very detailed tattoo

16. Your baby’s feet with the birth date.

17. EPIC sleeve tattoo of father and son

18. Colorful tattoo with nice flowers

19. I love this one, maybe my favorite of all the parent and son tattoos

20. Holding your hand for the rest of your life

21. This is a popular theme

22. Jesus will protect us

23. A cross with father and son hands

24. Teaching my son to throw the ball

25. Holding my son up is the little joys in life

26. Sitting in a field just talking

27. I will give you the world son

28. Your hand on my back – always

29. This is huge!

30. Never let you go son

31. Watching the sunset together

32. Family is the most important thing. This father son tattoo shows this

33. Geometric tattoo of a father and his kid

34. Who’s a good boy

35. This is a sick sleeve tattoo ( sick in a good way )

36. Seeing myself in my son

37. This is another popular theme with these types of tattoos

38. Wearing his signature hat

39. At the playground with my kid

40. Not sure how the owl is related, but it looks good

41. Not sure what this means

42. His hat that he loves

43. Bump me son

44. Another cool sleeve tattoo

45. I guess this is a nickname for his kid

46. Tiny feet

47. A star for each son

48. BreNner

49. Date of birth with favorite song

50. Happy family

51. I love my family

52. Hiking is our favorite activity

father son tattoos

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