11 Best Electric Blanket Models For Heavy Sleepers

Say no to multiple blankets and sleep like a baby during the winter with one of these best electric blanket models.

Believe it or not, it’s getting dark and the evenings are getting colder. There is nothing as good as buying an electric blanket for yourself, allowing you to get into a cozy warm bed or cuddle up under a good hot cover on the couch.

There are a lot of varieties – under blankets, throws, overblankets and even duvets – but what makes all of them the same is a sequence of thin electric powered cables that warm up when it’s connected to the mains.

Why do i need an electric blanket anyway?

When you obtain one for the bedroom, ensure that it is the exact size of the bed. Think about how soon you need it to warm up – if you’re vulnerable in failing to remember to switch it on until the last minute, this can have a major effect. Also, consider whether your spouse feels colder or warmer than you – many come with a double switch.

Some things to know before getting an electric blanket

Many people are concerned about how safe it is, however, there’s nothing to be afraid of, as long as you purchase the one that has the UK safety standard sign or similar safety badge of your country, also make sure to use common sense when operating the electric blanket like you would with any other electronic device.

Keep reading for the 11 best electric blanket models list:

1. Sleepwell Intelliheat Luxury Cotton Mattress Cover – best electric blanket models

Sleepwell Intelliheat Luxury Cotton Mattress Cover - best electric blanket models

This suits the size of the bed mattress just like a fitted sheet and has the additional advantage of increasing your mattress’ life span. Since it’s produced from natural pure cotton and allow air to pass through easily, it’s ideal for allergic reaction patients, including those who like to feel warm while sleeping, but are then vulnerable to getting too hot during in the night. It warms up quickly and has two controls, and reacts to your body’s temperature. The first on the best electric blanket models on this list and it’s a good one

2. Silentnight Fleecy Electric Blanket

Silentnight Fleecy Electric Blanket

This product is known for its mattresses and beds, but it makes extraordinary electric covers as well, including this smooth micro fleece option which felt unfathomably comfortable. It looks surprisingly great with the way it washes, has a 15-minute period to warm-up. There’s a non-fleece version that can be accessible as well.

3. Lakeland Velvety Electric Heated Throw

Lakeland Velvety Electric Heated Throw

Whoever says electric blankets have to be confined to the boudoir must be joking! With its pattern of greyish and cream colour, this one can be used while you lay on the couch and it will keep you cozy while you relax to read a book or watch the television. It warms up rapidly and can be instantly switched off from after one or nine hours. It has an excellent dimension, too, but recommended for those who want a light cover.

4. Lakeland Luxury Fleece Electric Blanket

Lakeland Luxury Fleece Electric Blanket

You don’t need to keep insisting that you forgot to turn on your blanket while you’re doing your daily washings because this one just takes only five minutes to warm up. With its six settings and dual controls, you have a lot of options in front of you. There are no tapes that will inconvenient you as it fits over the mattress and has a great life span.

5. Dreamland Ready for Use in 5 Minutes Underblanket

Dreamland Ready for Use in 5 Minutes Underblanket

This has double-switch underblanket which warms up by the time you have finished putting on your night wares and have brushed your teeth. Furthermore, it has an incredible nine heat settings- which means that you can simply lift the edge off frosty cover directly through to making a sizzling bed. If you truly feel chilly, you can put it on and forget it there till the next day- there is an option where it can shut off automatically after 12 hours. Although, it takes some time to set up.

6. Dreamland Intelliheat Luxury Cotton Duvet

Dreamland Intelliheat Luxury Cotton Duvet

You can do two things at the same time with this electronically warmed microfibre down duvet that reacts to your body’s temperature. We feel that the cables would make you uncomfortable, but be rest assured that you won’t feel it and they spread nicely and uniformly as well.  Especially useful for anybody with a memory foam mattress, which you can’t use with warmed underblankets, and it remains very cool in summer.

7. Relaxwell Deluxe Faux Fur Heated Throw

Relaxwell Deluxe Faux Fur Heated Throw

If you’re vulnerable to getting cold while you’re having a nap on the couch, this huge, thick and smooth artificial fur blanket will be a blessing, possibly helps you save a lot of money on the warming expenses. It comes in a variety of colour that you can match to your style, and it gets heated up within 5 minutes. An actual high-class that can also match your bed.

8. Lloytron Superior Underblanket

Lloytron Superior Underblanket

We recommend this as the best to students or anyone who is on a financial plan. It has three warm settings, and we discovered it could be made ready for use in less than 15 minutes. The dual ones have double controls, and you can feel any cable wire disturbing you. On the drawback, it’s a bit more compact compared to the bed, but we just create a space where the pillow can fit in and remain tucked in during the night, unlike many electric blankets do.

9. Dreamland Intelliheat Harmony Overblanket

Dreamland Intelliheat Harmony Overblanket

If relaxing on a hot blanket is as good as resting on hot coals, then you might want to go for this lustrous silk trimmed blanket that you wrap over your blanket or slot inside your duvet cover. It reacts to your body’s temperature, so there’s no need to fear about getting too hot.

10. Relaxwell Heated Velvet Lap Blanket

Relaxwell Heated Velvet Lap Blanket

This is relatively less expensive for a warmed blanket that you can make use of as a throw, yet it is very effective, costing not as much as you think. It’s available in various colors. It can be washed with a washing machine, and we like the cuddle pocket to warm cold hands. Best for those who choose a compact sized covering as it’s not large.

11. Morphy Richards Double Dual Washable Fleece Heated Mattress Cover

Morphy Richards Double Dual Washable Fleece Heated Mattress Cover

We discovered that this is flexible on the side panels, which makes it fit your mattress easily, and the wool coating is so thick and magnificent that you’ll want to lie down on it immediately. The heat settings consist of four, although you just have to press all four positions for you to return to zero, which can be very frustrating if you want to turn off your blanket while you’re almost asleep.