What To Wear To a Wake – Clothing Guide

The question what to wear to a wake is something that keeps popping up almost every time the unfortunate event comes your way. It’s not really the same as a funeral right? But it still is a sad event that needs to be respected. The guide below will help you to figure out what is the most appropriate outfit to wear to a wake

What is a wake?

A wake is social ceremony or gathering that usually takes place before the funeral itself. Traditionally the wake will take place at the house of the deceased and with the body present, although in more recent times the wake itself can take place in a funeral hall or a more appropriate place sometimes without the body present, this means the ceremony is more of a social gathering to honor the dead.

How do people usually wear to wakes?

Dressing to a wake is completely your choice and there is no law or strict rule regarding the attire while attending such an event. If the wake is immediately before or after the funeral it is acceptable that you will wear the same clothes for both. Usually people wear dark suits and dress slacks to such events, women usually wear long skirts, formal wear or anything that is not too bright with colors and screams ” look at me “.

A good rule of thumb before choosing what to wear to a wake would be to think what would you wear to a job interview, a cardigan or suit jacket over a nice button shirt will do the trick just fine, this will also give you the ability to remove the jacket after the funeral or at a later stage to feel more relaxed as the day goes by. You can wear lighter colors under your jacket but nothing that sticks out too much, your jacket though should be navy,black or grey.

Another thing to consider is what you wear on your feet, try and put on some close-toed shoes and avoid flip flops or anything like that – you are not going to the beach my friend. Also think about your jewelry, this is not a wedding, you should not flash expensive jewelry at people while you mourn for the deceased.

Overall just use good common sense and judgment when picking up your clothes before going to a wake.

how did people dress in the past for a wake?

In the past, it was strictly black, if you’re in morning and sad, you would wear all black, that’s it, they didn’t give it a lot of thought back then, but today it’s a different story.

what should you wear to a wake?

The most important thing to remember before dressing to a wake is to stay on the safe side, nothing too bold or colorful, chose something with toned down colors like dark naturals or navy or even brown. Pantsuits or lightweight wool dresses are acceptable and definitely a safe bet.

If you love patterns and simply must wear a shirt of pants with a pattern you can do so only if it’s dark and discreet, in the accessories department you can go with classic pearl earrings or studs, nothing to flashy. Maybe leave your yellow and orange necklace at home this time K? Don’t wear anything too festive or fun, if you’re unsure about the outfit you’re about to choose before leaving your house, maybe skip it.