Why Is My Baby Pooping in the Bath? Main Reasons And Solutions

Is your baby constantly pooping in the bath or during bath time? You’re not alone. The question why is my baby pooping in the bath is a very popular one among young or first time parents. And there are perfectly reasonable explanations to it and you should not worry. You’re excited, you just had your first baby and everything is a dream so far, he grows up so nice and you think OMG my baby is a genius! He does things no other child at his age do, but then a couple of months pass by, and suddenly you see your baby crouching during his bath, and taking a huge dump all other the water.

All your dreams of your baby becoming the next nobel prize winner fade away as you see the water turn brown and quickly picks him up from the water, you might be thinking ” Why is my baby pooping in the bath!? ” Is that normal? Well, let us help you with that.

Why is my baby pooping in the bath – Main reasons

Here are the main reasons babies tend to poop during bath time:

  • Muscles get loose in warm water

We all know the relaxing feeling when taking a long hot bath right? You feel all your muscles get loose, so your baby feels the same thing, ALL his muscles are relaxed, and babies don’t know how to hold some muscles tight and some loose, so if he has to go, he’s going.

  • They eat just before taking a bath or close to it

You don’t need a Phd to know that babies tend to poop after they eat, every child is different but most will want to poop shortly after eating a meal. So if you just fed your baby and right after giving him a nice long bath, you can expect him to poop in the bath.

  • He just had to go

YUP, sometimes you just have to go, babies don’t know any better, and if they have to go, they just do it, so it’s nothing personal against you, it’s just bad timing.

These are the main reasons your baby poops in the bath, but make sure to notice if your baby poops too much in general and seems to be in pain or discomfort in any way to contact your doctor.

How can we prevent babies from pooping in the shower?

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There are several ways to ” stop ” your baby from pooping during bath time. And we put that word in hyphens for a reason, because you obviously can’t control when and where your baby poops, but you can direct him or help him with some easy methods.

The first and most obvious way is to just wait until he poops in his diaper and then give him a bath, if he just pooped five minutes ago, there is a slim chance he will need to go again.

You can also change his meal time, if you feed your baby just before bath time, you can move it up and feed him a little bit early, let’s say 30 minutes before the bath, this way there’s a good chance he will poop in the diaper before getting into the hot water.

Another solution is just to switch the meal time and bath time. Instead of feeding the baby and then getting a bath, you can just give him a bath and then feed him. Taking a bath on an empty stomach will surely stop the pooping in water habit.

After your child is potty trained, you can just switch it back if it’s more comfortable for you.

That’s pretty much all the info you will need on this subject, if you have more questions please leave a comment or contact us and we will gladly help.